We began with the natural potential of the raw land and brought together the finest resources available to create a truly exceptional wine experience that is distinctively Boars’ View.

The Boars’ View vineyard is ideally situated well above the fog belt of the coast atop a gentle sloping cornice that enjoys optimal sun exposure. Temperate maritime conditions loft over the ridgelines, blanketing the vineyard from winter’s chill and offering natural cooling from summer’s heat. The result is a very early bud-break followed by an exceptionally long, moderate growing season. These ideal conditions afford the grapes extended hang time on the vine, providing us the opportunity to harvest at full maturity and ripeness.

The vineyard is comprised of three distinct soils, predominantly Goldridge Loam perfectly suited to Pinot Noir, threads of pebbly gravel, and a small section of coastal clay ideal for growing Chardonnay.

For planting, Winemaker Thomas Brown and Vineyard Manager Ulises Valdez meticulously matched elements of the soil by choosing a complementary blend of California Heritage clones renowned for their robust fruit flavors and muscular structure — Calera, Mt. Eden and Swan Pinot Noir, and Wente Chardonnay.